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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions asked about the Flush & Save Water device.

How does this valve save me money?

Fitting the flush and save will allow you to reduce the water needed to flush your toilet.

How many litres of water can I save on each flush?

The standard flush in new toilets is 6 litres but older toilets can be as much as 13 litres. On the new standard toilet fitting the flush and save will be a saving of 3 litres. Fitting to a toilet that flushes at 13 litres will save a massive 10 litres of water.

Will the flush and save water saving device cause a blockage?

No, the flush and save valve has been tested in backflow situations by a British government test agency and passed all tests.

What size does the flush and save valve come in?

The flush and save valve comes in 4 inches or 110mm and will fit all toilet pan connectors.

What is the life span of the flush and save valve?

The valve has been tested and shown to have a lifespan of in excess of 30 years.

How does the flush and save valve work?

Under normal conditions when you reduce the number of litres used to flush a toilet the waste will not travel very far and has the tendency to backflow into the toilet. By fitting the flush and save valve the backflow problem is eliminated leaving you with a clean fresh toilet after every flush.

I see the flush and save has a metal pin and spring - can this rust?

The pin and spring are made from marine stainless steel – the same steel used in the salty sea. It is guaranteed never to rust.

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