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An average flush takes about SIX litres of fresh water and shockingly, toilets account for 30% of all water consumption in a typical UK household. (Source: Waterwise).

But with the Flush and Save toilet valve, this volume can be reduced – significantly. 

That’s because this water-saving valve can cut the water consumption of a modern, dual-flush toilet by 50% (even more for toilets made pre-2001). So instead of needing six litres per flush, you’ll only need three.

And when your toilet uses 50% less water, your water bill will reduce too.

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Flush and Save Toilet Valve

Benefits of flush & Save Toilet valve

Easy to install

The valve is so quick and easy to install, even a DIY enthusiast could do it.

No maintenance

No regular upkeep is required. In addition, the valve has a lifespan of 25+ years

Save more water

The Flush and Save valve CAN save water in any aged toilet – even modern dual-flush cisterns. Plus, the valve saves THREE litres per flush (not just one) – and the water savings are even greater for pre-2001 toilets.

Ensure your toilet flushes clean – every time!

When you reduce the flush volume, it’s not uncommon for a toilet to NOT flush clean. In turn, you need to flush again (and so use MORE water, not less). This does not happen when you fit a Flush and Save valve. That’s because the patented one-way, non-return valve opens so waste can leave, then immediately shuts to prevent the backflow of effluent into the toilet.

Avoid backflow

With a reduced flushing force, there’s a greater risk that toilet waste may not move far enough down the waste pipe. In turn, this presents a backflow risk (especially when water levels become unusually high). This does not happen with the Flush and Save valve. That’s because the non-return valve keeps any effluent safely in the waste and away from property.

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